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B2B Computer Vision and AI-driven

technology for Retailers

Remove customer friction, reduce staff costs, go smart

Hi Quality, Low Latency vision and AI processing for a seamless Grab-and-Go journey

We anonymize customers through an encrypted identification that keeps them trackable without privacy policy concerns.

No need to download an app

On-site AI processing solutions to keep control  and manage data privacy regulations


Intelligent vision platform to help retailers deploy easy and fast Grab-and-Go stores in honest and low honest markets. 

We fit out your


stores with multiple sensors and cameras to track your consumers and detect what they grab. 

We stand behind de scenes so you can own your customer relationship and can brand the stores with your customer experience. 

You size the Store of the Future

A suite of AI Software and hardware solutions to meet different retail demands

Customized Stores Solution

Run our AI-enabled hardware and GRAB-and-GO software platform in any location. Make real your challenging ideas with the Go2future platform. 

Seamless, swift purchases

Designed to manage low-honesty environments

Automated checkout, no manual labor for customers or staff

Autonomous and Remote Operation

Transformation of checkout spaces to shelves

Grab-and-Go technology enables

MiniGO are the first stores enabled with  Grab&Go technology developed in Latam

Live Stores

Launch a revolutionary Cashierless Grab & GO smart store today! The next AI-powered Store could be yours

Whether you are familiar with implementing AI-Based solutions or just starting to explore new technologies in your retail, we'll support you along the way.

Our robust and flexible system allows us to customize and create an operational tool to automate your stores and partner with your sprecific business need.

We focus on being a great TECHNOLOGY PARTNER

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