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Global Retailer saves +40 million in Opex, leveraging Go2future AI-powered queue management solution

Updated: Mar 30

Executive Summary

This success case highlights the significant savings achieved through a queue management solution that empowers businesses to manage customer flow and service quality through AI Technology developed by Go2future, a disruptive AI consulting and R&D Startup within the NVIDIA AI Accelerated program.

This innovative technology uses Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence to boost a queue management solution that improves customer satisfaction and staff productivity at cashier stations.

Estimated savings

The queue management solution enabled significant Opex savings. These savings stem from reduced customer waiting times, fewer employees required at checkout points, and optimized resource utilization with real-time data. 

The estimated annual savings and ROI multiples are detailed below:


Implementing a queue management and customer service system based on computer vision technology and artificial intelligence can generate substantial Opex savings, improve customer experience, and enhance efficiency and productivity. 

Note: The data and calculations presented in this story are estimates and may vary depending on the project's specific characteristics.

About Go2Future

Go2Future Global LLC is an international company created in 2019. It is a disruptive B2B startup that provides consulting and R&D on AI and Computer Vision, applied to companies across different sectors globally. Go2Future has strategic alliances with Fortune 500 companies like NVIDIA, NCR, and Oracle. 

Ready to join the AI revolution? 

At Go2future, the future of retail is here. That’s why we have developed a revolutionary system that combines computer vision and artificial intelligence

to create cashier-less stores that are fast, easy, and secure. Our system allows customers to shop without scanning, waiting, or paying at the counter while giving retailers real-time data and insights to optimize their business. Go2future is

not just a technology provider but a trusted partner who can help you transform your retail operations and delight your customers.

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